The Alternative To Replacing Your Deck

Professional Pool Deck Resurfacing

When it comes to damaged pool decking, Rock Star Coating Pros knows exactly what to do! We can work with your damaged existing concrete slab so you won’t have to have your entire deck replaced, exposing your pool and its plumbing to significant damage. With our coatings, you can expect your pool deck to:

  • Last Years Longer

  • Be Slip and Skid Resistant

  • Reflect UV RAys For A Cooler Finish

  • Be Attractive Again!

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    How We Can Resurface Your Pool Deck

    Now that summer has come and gone, it is now time to take a look at your pool deck. Notice any cracks, coatings peeling or weathered spots? Well, we know that they look worse than they are, with one of our coatings, we can bring your deck back to life.

    This image shows a newly resurfaced pool deck.

    Paver & Stone Sealing

    When natural stone or pavers are left out in the sun and exposed to harsh pool cleaners, it can make them look dull or colorless compared to when you first bought them, especially if a sealer was never installed. While this may make you want to install new pavers, most of the time they just need a fresh coat of sealer. Sealers can provide benefits like:

    • Will enable the stone or pavers to last much longer
    • Can protect the materials from pool chemicals
    • Will brighten up the pavers or stone

    Concrete Staining

    One of the biggest reasons why so many homeowners are staining their pool decks is the additive of silica sand that can be placed in the sealer, making the pool deck safer to walk on when wet than traditional options. There is also a wide array of stains on the market, each offering unique advantages and design. You can find a few benefits down below but take a look at our concrete staining page for more info!

    • Acid and penetrating sealers are permanent
    • Three variations offer unlimited customization
    • Additives provide a slip and skid-resistant finish
    This image shows a stamped concrete pool deck

    Acrylic Overlays

    Acrylic overlays are one of the most flexible coatings on the market with an endless amount of textures, colors, and patterns that can be achieved with this coating. Because these overlays have an acrylic additive, they can reflect heat much more efficiently than other options and will make the slab up to 30 degrees cooler. Originally designed to replace Kool Deck, here’s what our acrylic overlays can offer:

    • A wide variety of textures for ultimate customization
    • Hard surface resistant to wear and tear
    • Resistant to fading from UV rays


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    A major advantage of having your pool deck resurfaced is the investment factors. Damaged concrete pool decks can drastically decrease the value of your home and make it less attractive on the open market. Pool deck resurfacing can repair these imperfections, making the pool deck look brand new!

    Realtors have explained that homes with attractive and functional decking are more attractive on the open market. Resurfacing pool decking has also been known to warrant a 70-75% ROI that could increase the value of your home by up to 5%! Pool deck resurfacing will enable your underlying concrete slab to serve your home for years to come.

    This image shows pool cleaning euipment.

    Maintaining Resurfaced Pool Decking

    While you might think that maintaining your newly resurfaced pool deck is going to be a hassle, our resurfacing products have been engineered with simple maintenance in mind. Regular maintenance on your pool deck will be a breeze and the only long term maintenance you will face is the replacement of the seal coat every 1-3 years. Down below, you will find a few of the tools you will need to maintain your deck.

    • Leaf Blower
    • Pressure Washer
    • PH Neutral Detergents
    • Garden Hose
    • Standard Mop
    • Push Brooms
    This image shows a man talking on a phone beside a pool

    What To Look Out For

    Signs Your Pool Deck Needs To Be Resurfaced

    We know that pool deck resurfacing sounds like a daunting and stressful task that can be hard to identify. Thankfully, identifying the problems in your concrete is easy and can be done by simply walking around your pool deck. Down below, you will find a couple of the most common ways to tell your pool deck needs to be resurfaced:

    • One of the most common signs is spider-webbing cracks that don’t break through the slab.
    • Numerous chips or sections where coatings have been peeled.
    • Large areas of spalling where aggregate has become exposed
    • Divots or high spots in the concrete surface
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    Pool deck resurfacing is a viable option for homeowners on a strict budget because compared to having the entire concrete pool deck replaced, pool deck resurfacing is a much more affordable option. Replacing a concrete pool deck is a project that can cost up to 25,000 dollars where the average resurfacing job will cost half of that!

    You must also take into account that replacing your concrete will not include a decorative coating in the price, so you will be stuck with a bland concrete pool deck for at least 28 days before you can even place a coating over the top. Concrete resurfacing can make the decorative coating the resurfacing agent, making your deck usable as soon as it’s done curing.

    This image shows a man resurfacing a pool deck.

    Why Hire A Professional?

    You should hire a professional pool deck resurfacing contractor for many reasons, for one, they can offer a better finish than you can achieve with DIY as we have access to better tools, improved materials, and experience working with the resurfacing agents. Using a professional to resurface your pool deck can also save you vast amounts of time compared to doing it yourself.

    One of the biggest reasons we think you should consider using a professional contractor is the fact that we can offer you strong warranties, we offer a 3-year warranty on most of our residential work, so if something happens, you can rest assured that we will be there to fix it.
    To learn more about all of our services, please take a look at our home page for all the information you need!

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    Pool Deck Resurfacing

    If you are looking to have your pool deck resurfaced, you need a company you can trust! Here at Rock Star Coating Pros, we have 12 years of experience working with concrete so you can count on us to get the job done correctly and have our work covered by a strong warranty. Over to the left, you will find a few reasons why you should consider us!

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