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Rock Star Coating Pros Arizona offers quality patio coating services that guarantee long lasting results! Let us help transform your dull concrete patio into a visually stunning area you will be able to enjoy for years to come.

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    Benefits of Patio Coatings

    Bare concrete is unprotected and susceptible to damage from water, dropped objects, spills, and more. Having a patio coating professionally installed ensures you are protecting your existing concrete while enhancing the look of the overall space. Some of the common benefits of concrete patio coatings include:

    his image shows a newly resurfaced patio floor.


    Concrete is a practical and sustainable material for patios and a variety of additional outdoor areas. When left bare or untreated, it becomes susceptible to damage from rain, ice, and temperature changes. Concrete that has been coated is more cost-effective and easier to maintain.

    • Protect the structural integrity of pre-existing concrete
    • Resistance from cracking, chipping, and denting
    • Designed to last for years
    This image shows a newly resurfaced patio floor.

    Excellent Investment

    Patio coatings not only work to protect your concrete but can also increase your home’s overall value. The initial installation cost is much lower than other permanent patio options and will help to save money with maintenance and repair costs over time.

    • Improve the value and aesthetic of your home
    • Maximize return on investment
    • Low maintenance and upkeep costs
    This image shows a newly stained patio floor.


    Patio materials such as gravel offer limited options when it comes to customizing and versatility. With concrete patios and coatings, there are thousands of design options available such as color, pattern, and finish.

    • Allows you to create a cohesive aesthetic
    • Choose your desired finish and additives
    • Unique designs, patterns, and colors to make the floor a work of art


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    Bare concrete that is worn or damaged with cracks or pits can be a tripping hazard and may cause unintended falls or injuries. The surface can also become slippery when wet and the moisture can seep into the concrete causing damage. Having a patio area that will be safe for years is important so you can enjoy the space with family and friends.

    • Coatings help to make surface slip-resistant
    • Hygienic – resists moisture and the growth of bacteria/mold
    • Additives available to make the surface safe when wet, which is great for areas near pools

    Strong and Durable

    Bare concrete patios are vulnerable and can become damaged or dull from a variety of factors including fluctuating temperatures, dropped objects, heavy traffic, or spills. Having a coating professionally installed will help to preserve and increase the lifespan of your pre-existing concrete and will protect it from the harsh outdoor elements. These coatings help to make maintenance quick and simple and are designed to last for years. Don’t worry about heavy foot traffic or heavy furniture, your patio will be able to stand up to the most demanding of environments!

    • Resists staining from oil, chemical, and other various spills
    • Able to withstand foot traffic, heavy equipment, and furniture
    • Designed to last and keep your patio looking new for years
    This image shows a patioo floor that will be resurfaced to make it look new ago.
    This image shows men resurfacing a patio.

    The Simple Concrete Patio Solution

    Quick and Easy Maintenance

    Concrete patios and pool areas that have had a coating professionally installed are proven to be quicker, easier, and cheaper to maintain and keep looking fresh. It’s recommended to keep the surface cleaned with a soft broom or garden hose and to clean any spills up as soon as possible. If using a pressure washer, be sure the setting is not too high and you are not too close because the concrete can become damaged if done improperly. Some helpful tips to maintaining your epoxy patio coating include:

    • Remove debris like leaves or dirt frequently, do not allow them to linger
    • Be careful with abrasive or salt based cleaner, may damage or dull coatings
    • Vinegar and water mixture (50:50) can be used to clean grime/spills from surface
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    Why Rock Star Coating Pros?

    Your concrete patio should be a space that is functional and one you are able to enjoy year round with family and friends. Installing a concrete coating requires proper tools and experience to ensure the final product is quality and will last for years. Protect your outdoor area from damage and visually transform your outdoor space with one of our popular concrete services!

    • Choosing a professional to repair your concrete and install a coating is crucial to ensure you are receiving a quality, seamless patio surface. Improper installation can lead to premature damage, staining, or injuries.
    • Our licensed contractors can evaluate your pre-existing slab and fix any damage before starting the coating process.

    Our Company Values

    Our team at Rock Star Coating Pros proudly provides our clients in Arizona with quality concrete coatings and epoxy floor services for both residential and commercial areas. Our contractors are fully licensed, insured, and have years of experience and knowledge, ensuring a sleek and seamless surface finish. We strive to provide quality customer service to all of our clients and work with materials of the highest industry standards.
    Reach out to us today to learn more about our concrete coating services, garage epoxy, and concrete staining services. Our team is ready to provide information and answer any questions you may have about us and our concrete services.

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    Licensed, Bonded & Insured

    Our team at Rock Star Coating Pros has the knowledge and experience to meet all of your concrete flooring needs.

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    5 Star & A+ Ratings

    Extensive experience and certification to work with Arizona Preferred Decking Systems.

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    Certified Preferred Decking

    Trust in our reviews, we provide only quality customer service and concrete products to our valued clients.

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    Certified Arizona Polymer

    Our professionals are trained and certified to work with Arizona Polymer Flooring Solutions.

    Why Choose Rock Star
    Coating Pros?

    Professional Patio Coatings

    Always consult a concrete professional when looking to install a patio coating or assess any damage to the structure. Our team has all of the tools to ensure a quality final product and has experience to provide a seamless finish. DIY kits may seem simple but can cause more cost and damage in the long run. Give our team a call today!

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