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If you’ve had stone or pavers surrounding your home or business for a while, chances are they have become pale or faded. While this may leave you thinking your stone or pavers are ruined, all they probably need is a coat of fresh sealer to bring them back to life. Sealing new pavers is also beneficial as they offer the ability to:

  • Resistance To Water Damage
  • Increased Service Life
  • Resistance To Stains
  • Protection From UV Damage
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    Why Invest In A Sealer?

    The Benefits Of Sealing Stone & Pavers

    So why should you invest in sealing your stone or pavers? Well, when it comes to these natural materials, they need a little help to look their best. From making your natural materials look their best to helping them last as long as possible, you will find a few of the benefits of sealing your pavers and stone down below.

    This image shows a pool deck made up of pavers.

    Protection From Water

    When your pavers or stone is left unsealed it is susceptible to forms of water damage that could destroy the material from inside out. by seeping in through its pores. When your stone is sealed, the pores of the material will be blocked, allowing no water to pass in our out of the natural material. Down below, you will find what sealing can protect your stone from:

    • Resistance to bacterial growth
    • Increased efficiency in drainage
    • Resistance to corrosion
    This image shows a newly concrete stained pavers.

    Easier Maintenance

    When you seal your pavers, you will experience an easier and faster maintenance regiment. This is due to the fact that a sealer can help decrease the chance that any tough stains are left on your patio or pool deck. The only long term maintenance that you will have to endure with a sealed stone surface is the replacement of the sealer every 1-5 years. depending on where it is placed.

    • Sweeping and washing regularly
    • Use a PH-neutral detergent
    • Reduced need for deep cleaning/ pressure washing
    This image shows a pool deck that is concrete stained.

    Safety Implementations

    Sealing your natural stone or pavers can mean you are increasing the safety of the area they are being used. We offer additives that can be placed in the sealer, silica sand, that can give the sealer texture, increasing slip and skid resistance in areas like pool decking or other areas that can be exposed to moisture. Down below, you will find a few more ways sealers can make your lawn safer:

    • Resistant to the growth of mold/mildew
    • Higher light reflectivity
    • Increased slip and skid resistance


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    This image shows a stamped concrete patio.

    Penetrating Sealers

    Penetrating sealers are known for their ability to seep into the pores of the stone or pavers, hiding below the surface, unlike water-based sealers. By filling the pores on the surface, the sealer can last longer, defend against stains more efficiently and are more resistant to the effects of heavy foot traffic, making them the perfect option for busy commercial settings. Down below, you will find more benefits of using a penetrating sealer:

    • Maintains a natural appearance
    • Creates a chemical barrier
    • Protects against damage from salt

    Water-Based Sealers

    Water-based sealers are an attractive option for many home and business owners because they are low in VOC, keeping the air breathable even during installation, unlike urethane and epoxy sealers.

    Water-based sealers are also the most affordable option for sealing your pavers, increasing the investment you are making into the system. Sealing your pavers will keep them attractive, increasing curb appeal and the value of your home.

    This image shows a newly polished floor.
    This image shows paversthat needs cleaning.

    Wet Look Sealers

    Wet look sealers are an effective way to make your lawn or backyard look amazing while still keeping it protected. A wet look sealer will define and darken the pavers or stone, making them “pop”.

    While the wet look sealer will enhance the appearance of your pavers, they will keep them protected against water absorption and surface abrasions.

    Rock Star Coating Pros Guide To

    The Installation Of Sealers

    Our team has over 12 years of experience working with and installing sealers, so we know exactly what it takes to get your sealer installed to perfection. The first step of any sealing project is the deep cleaning of the surface, removing any dirt, debris or vegetation that has grown on your stone or pavers. This is done by blowing, sweeping and pressure washing the surface.

    After the surface has dried, we begin to install the sealer with an airless sprayer or a roller, depending on the size of the area. The application of the sealer is done in crossing patterns, horizontal and vertical until the entire surface has been coated. Allow the surface to cure at least 3 hours before light traffic and up to 48 hours before the sealer is fully dried.

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    This image shows a walkway made of pavers.
    This image shows a walkway made of pavers that was newly stained.

    Average Pricing For Sealers

    One of the best benefits of using a sealer to protect your stone or pavers is the fact that they are one of the most affordable protective coatings on the market. While water-based sealers are the more affordable option, they don’t offer the long lifespan or the protection a penetrating sealer can. Down below, you will find the average pricing for our sealers:

    • Penetrating sealers average $1.50 to $2.50
    • Water-based sealers range from $.50 to $1.50
    • Performance sealers average $2.50 and up

    Why Hire A Professional?

    We know that trying to seal your stone yourself sounds attractive due to its affordability but there is a risk when you don’t enlist the help of a trained professional. The surfaces must be cleaned efficiently and the slightest speck of dirt can cause orange peel, flaking or even the failure of the entire system. Down below, you will find more benefits of using a professional contractor.

    • Strong warranties
    • Higher grade materials
    • Saves you time
    This image shows a driveway made up of pavers that was newly resurfaced.
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