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It can be tough when you’re looking for the right company to wash and seal your concrete pavers. Rockstar Coating Pros offers clients a smooth and stress-free experience from the moment you call our customer service team. We provide:

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    Start with The Basics

    Pressure Washing

    There are different ways our team can help clean up and rejuvenate your concrete surface! Our cleaning techniques, products, and machinery are of the highest quality ensuring we provide our clients with the most effective results.

    cost to power wash house

    We Restore

    Don’t leave the fate of your concrete in the hands of the first company that offers you a seemingly decent deal. Rockstar Coating Pros has experience in restoring seemingly old, rugged, and dirty concrete surfaces to their youthful selves by:

    • Professional Machinery
    • Current Techniques
    • High-end Cleaning Products
    soft wash

    We Can Soft Wash

    Not all surfaces require a cookie-cutter technique when it comes too deep cleans. We want to make sure that the color, feel, and overall quality of your concrete surface stays up to date and intact even after we’re done cleaning. Hard cleans on more delicate surfaces can be d detrimental and to avoid this you need a professional company that knows what to do!

    • Soft Chemicals Used
    • Lower Water Pressure
    • More Attention to Detail
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    We High-Pressure Wash

    With surfaces requiring a stronger technique, we offer a stronger wash! With strong cleaners and higher pressure. Our professionals will come and inspect the situation and provide adequate concrete care.

    • Pool deck power wash
    • Patio power wash
    • Driveway power wash

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    Expertise Found Where It Matters

    Send us your questions or concerns via email or give our customer care professionals a call. We are here to listen, help, and encourage you.

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    Sealing Gives a Clean Look

    Sealing your pavers, regardless if we’re talking about driveway pavers, patio pavers, or pool deck pavers, it automatically gives your concrete a put-together look. When professionally done, the surface will look cleaner, shine brighter, and hold onto its color longer.

    • Stop the cracks
    • You won’t need weed killer chemicals
    • Mold is gone for good

    Sealing Reduces Cracks, Mold, and Weeds

    When there are cracks in between pavers or on the concrete in general, weeds will grow through, because it is just what they do. When you choose to seal your surface, these issues are reduced if not eliminated. Sealing keeps the surface from cracking due to extreme weather changes, weeds can’t grow through solid concrete, and mold that would normally grow within your surface’s pores.

    • Stop the cracks
    • You won’t need weed killer chemicals
    • Mold is gone for good
    how-much does it cost to power wash a house
    power wash house price

    Sealing Prevents Stains

    Your concrete pavers are porous! Concrete as a whole is a porous surface that takes in liquids like family. The surface knows no strangers which means it will stain incredibly easily if not professionally sealed. With a significant amount of moisture, concrete surfaces can be easily damaged, but not when they are well-sealed!

    • Prevent liquid and moisture absorbance
    • Stop stains before they occur
    • Maintain a clean property

    Pull Out the Grime

    Power Washing

    It takes more than just sealing your surface because before you seal it you need to be sure to wash it properly! Washing your surface will ensure that stains, mold, weeds, and more are removed completely before sealing. Sometimes sunbaked dirt becomes are day-to-day and we don’t realize how dirty our surfaces are. Call our professionals to see the incredible before and after of your concrete surface.

    protects the integrity

    Protect the Integrity

    Concrete is one of the strongest and most durable materials you can use on the outside. Of your home! However, it does not mean that the surface does not eventually begin to age and properly washing the surface helps to ensure the aging process is much slower. Acidic runoff, algae, mold, mildew, and more begin to build on unclean concrete surfaces and they begin to erode the material altogether. Proper washing with our professionals will negate all of these horrific possibilities.

    • Remove acidic runoff
    • Prevent erosion
    • Save money on repairs and replacement

    Prevent Accidents

    Washing a walkway, patio, or deck helps prevent slippery surfaces from becoming hazards. Because mold and algae can grow in unclean wet areas, slipping becomes a big possibility for areas where there has not been proper maintenance! Our team will remove any undesirable growth and lower the possibility of accidents on your property.

    • Prevent slips
    • Improve safety
    • Elongate the surface lifespan
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    Licensed and Insured

    You don’t need to worry because our team will take care of any issues that may arise before, during, and after the project.

    5 Star Ratings

    Ask to see our previous works! We will happily show you what we have done and what we can do!


    Our professionals are much more than just self-promoted! They are professionals with certifications that allow them to work and improve our concrete surfaces.

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    We want to take care of you! We offer incredible warranty opportunities to our clients.

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