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As we all know, the garage can be an area that is quite underwhelming and if you frequently work in your garage, a bare concrete slab just won’t offer the protection you need. When aesthetics and functionality are needed in the garage, the best option is a garage floor epoxy. Garage floor epoxies offer benefits like:

  • Increased Damage Threshold
  • Amplified Storage Capacity
  • 25 Year Service Life
  • Chemical Resistance
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    Why You Should Use Epoxy

    The Benefits Of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

    Ever wonder why so many homeowners use garage floor epoxy? Well while there is a broad range of customization with epoxy, there are also dozens of benefits that you can gain from using this coating. Down below, we have outlined a few of the best benefits of using epoxy in your garage.

    This image shows a showroom that was newly painted.


    Garage floor epoxies are perfect for homeowners that tend to use the garage for automotive projects, weekend hobbies or store valuables in the garage. With an ultra-tight bond and resistance to wear and tear, epoxies serve to protect the underlying concrete slab, increasing the slab’s service life. Down below, you will find how epoxy protects your slab.

    • Offers resistance to physical impacts or collisions
    • Offers protection against corrosive chemicals or other liquids
    • Up to 4 times stronger than concrete with a 14,000 PSI weight tolerance
    This image shows an empty warehouse with a white epoxy floor.

    Carefree Maintenance

    One of the biggest advantages of using a garage epoxy in your home or business’s garage is the simplistic maintenance of the floor coating. Because epoxy offers a seamless and nonporous surface, stains won’t permanently affect the coating, all you will need to do is use TSP and a soft nylon brush to wipe away any tough stains. Down below, you will find the regular maintenance of epoxy.

    • Increased Weight Tolerance
    • Resistance To Daily Wear
    • Protection From Dropped Objects
    This image shows a newly painted commercial floor.


    The garage can be a dangerous place for you or your family. Rain can bring water in, making the areas slippery and without adequate lighting, it can be very dark and hard to work in. Our garage epoxy systems work to make the garage a safer area of the home and down below you can find out how.

    • Its seamless surface means no tripping hazards on the flooring, unlike rubber tiles
    • Light reflects off the seamless surface, can make the garage up to 150% brighter
    • Increased slip and skid resistance with flakes, additives or quartz epoxy


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    Chemical Resistance

    Most homeowners will store and use chemicals in the garage and if your concrete is left unprotected, you can leak those chemicals into the surrounding soil as well as corrode your concrete from the inside out. Our epoxies are nonporous and will keep the environment and your concrete protected against chemicals like:

    • Gasoline, diesel, and oil
    • Asphalt and hot tire marks
    • Corrosive chemicals like battery acid
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    Investing With Epoxy

    When using epoxy in the garage, you are investing in your home. Realtors state that homes with epoxy sell much faster on the open market and usually at a slightly higher price.
    Epoxy has been known to warrant a 70-75% ROI for an increase in the value of your home of up to 5%. The simplistic maintenance of epoxy brings service life costs down.

    This image shows a man applying epoxy paint on a floor.


    Contrary to popular belief, professionally installed garage floor epoxy is relatively affordable. Compared to what it would cost for you to buy materials, rent the proper equipment and take the time to install the epoxy, you could have used a professional!

    Epoxies start at 3 dollars a square foot for standard coatings and can cost as much as 12 dollars a square foot for more advanced coatings like metallic epoxies or quartz systems.

    Rock Star Coating Pros Guide To

    Installation Process Of Garage Floor Epoxy

    To start, our team thoroughly cleans the concrete slab, removing debris from expansion joints and imperfections like cracks or gouges, any stains are also removed to promote a strong bond. After the slab has been cleaned, we repair any imperfections on your concrete including cracks, weathered spots or gouges to create a seamless and smooth finish. After the repairs have dried, we use shot blasters or a diamond wheel grinder to profile the slab, exposing the pores to promote a stable adhesion between the epoxy and the slab.

    Now comes time to install the epoxy coating, we use squeegees or rollers to apply the epoxy. After the epoxy has been applied, allow the finished garage to cure for 24 hours before walking on it and up to 72 hours before vehicle traffic.

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    This image shows a man applying epoxy paint on the floor.
    This image shows a garage with metallic epoxy floor.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    Metallic epoxy flooring is a coating that is both decorative and functional. With our top range epoxies paired with metallic pigments, we can create spectacular finishes that are each unique, they can never be replicated as the chemical reactions that take place during installation and cure are sporadic. With brushes, solvents, and blowers, we can create finishes that mimic the appearance of:

    • Pure Metallic
    • Craters
    • Ripples
    • Clouds
    • Lava
    • Waves
    This image shows a man cleaning the floor.

    Why Hire A Professional?

    So why should you hire a professional to install your garage epoxy? Well to make it simple, we can save you time and money in the chance you install the coating incorrectly. Professionals will also have access to better materials than you can buy off the shelf at the local home improvement store and heavy-duty equipment that will properly profile the slab. Down below, you will find a few more advantages to using a professional.

    • More options for customization of garages
    • Faster and more efficient installation speeds
    • A warranty for the work, we offer a 3-year warranty on most residential work
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    Licensed, Bonded & Insured

    We are licensed, bonded and insured to supply the best experience for our clients.

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    5 Star & A+ Ratings

    We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on Yelp!

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    Certified Preferred Decking

    We have access to and are certified in the installation of Arizona Polymer Flooring Systems.

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    Certified Arizona Polymer

    Here at Rock Star Coating Pros we are a one-stop-shop for all your concrete coating needs.

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    Here at Rock Star Coating Pros, we believe that a contractor’s work should speak for itself and that is why we work hard every day to provide the best coatings possible for our neighbors in Chandler Arizona and surrounding areas. With 12 years of experience, our team knows what it takes to get the job done properly and provide a long-lasting and durable epoxy coating for your home. Over to the left, you will find out why you should use us!

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