Have a few questions for Rockstar Coating before you make the call? Well, down below, you will find a few common questions we get from customers – and our answers!

What is pool deck resurfacing and is it the same thing as pool deck renovations?

Pool deck resurfacing, essentially, is a process we put your pool deck under to reconstruct the surface. Pool deck owners choose to undergo this process when their surfaces are peeling, cracking, fading, damaged, etc. Pool deck resurfacing offers homeowners incredible benefits; however, it is important to note that if the pool deck is structurally damaged there could be issues with a simple resurfacing! Every deck is different we honor that fact by treating each deck on a one-on-one basis.

When can my pool deck be repaired and when does it require resurfacing?

Resurfacing a pool deck doesn’t always mean something is wrong with the surface! Sometimes clients want a new look and instead of ripping out the old concrete they can simply resurface the area! This is a much greener option if your pool deck can be resurfaced. Some common repairs that do not need extensive work include small cracks and recoating areas that don’t see right anymore. Pool renovations vary but if the damage isn’t extensive simple repairs can always be made.

Is pool deck resurfacing the most affordable option?

When you weigh all of your options, pool deck resurfacing is certainly the most affordable option when it comes to décor and long-term repairs. All of your other options, when it comes to repairs or remodeling, including completely ripping out your concrete surface and pouring a new one, and then moving on to possible decorations. It can be a taxing process because it because a much nosier and much more expensive ordeal. So, all in all, resurfacing, whenever possible, is the best and most affordable option.

How long will it take you to epoxy my garage floor?

Completing an epoxy project can usually be completed within a 5 to 8-hour window and is normally a 2-day job; however, the existing condition of your garage floor and the size can have major impacts on the overall time it can take our team.

My garage floor has cracks and damages, can you still epoxy the surface?

Cracks, stains, and other minor issues can be repaired prior to undergoing any epoxy floor treatment! But there limits to everything and there are some cracks and damages that we cannot fix. If the cracks or other damages are too far gone or there is extensive structural damage to the surface and epoxy coat will not be able to be added. These issues can be answered by our once they have inspected the area.

How do I clean my epoxy garage floor?

This is the best part! When you do clean the surface, because it doesn’t have to be often, simply mist the surface with warm water and either with a squeegee or a soft mop simply wipe down the area. Be sure to remove any large pieces of debris or foreign material from the surface. Sometimes it can be a good idea to sweep the area before mopping or wiping it down.

Why should I stain my surface as opposed to something else?

The overall benefits our customers gain are guaranteed results for long periods of time, extremely low maintenance requirements, and the staining tends to smooth out rough spots on concrete. Staining is a process that garners benefits post-installation with its inability to be peeled, discolored, or scratched off.

Does an acid stain peel or fade?

This is common question by many who wish to have their floors stained and the answer is no. concrete acid stains are not like a coating or surface paint that goes over your surface, our stains become your surface. The stains chemically alter the concrete materials making them one.

I saw acid staining products at the local store, are these the same things you use?

No, absolutely not. Home improvement sections and stores carry downgraded products because they want to profit off of their big quality products with larger companies. The products you see in stores are watered down and do not have the lasting effects prodycts we use would.

How do I protect my acid stained surface?

Even though acid stains don’t fade or chip there are ways to help extend the overall lifespan of the concrete surface. Your concrete floor should always have a professional seal on it to avoid any damages from foot-traffic or weather.