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Chances are, one of the central parts of your home is your pool area. Keeping this area looking great comes with some general maintenance and care. However, if this gets away from a homeowner, renovations are probable. Maybe it’s just time for a pool deck makeover, and you are ready for a change. Regardless of the “why” behind your pending project, we are here to help. These are just a few of the things we can help with:

  • Repairs
  • Design
  • Renovations
  • Decorative options
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    Most Requested Services

    Top-Three Pool Remodeling Services

    Here are some details on some of the more popular pool deck renovations we are asked to do.

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    Pool Deck Remodel

    We take an expert approach in pool area remodels. We can assist with picking out materials, revealing the possibilities with design, and source the highest quality materials that will stand the test of time. We do redesign projects, but we can also handle the barebone things like tilework, coping, and coatings. We invite you to bring us your ideas, and we can help you develop that.

    • We handle pool deck design and redesigns
    • Let us help with a pool deck addition or repair.
    • Bring your vision to fruition with an expert team.
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    Pool Deck Coatings

    Choosing a pool deck coating only starts with aesthetics. We are here to show you all the other factors to consider when figuring out what materials will work best for your pool area. This might be choosing materials that will age better in direct sunlight, or other materials that will attract less mold or mildew. The coating in a specific environment makes all the difference, and we can walk you through that decision process.

    • We will help you sift through the coating possibilities
    • Choosing coatings that best fit the environment they’ll be installed.
    • Competitive pricing for all materials done by expert installers.
    This image shows a wooden pool deck.

    Decorative Pool Deck Additions

    If you’re seeking to make changes to your pool deck area, we can help. Is it time to add more seating spaces? Maybe you’re thinking about adding a spa. Perhaps you just want to customize the space because your style has changed. We have plenty of options in customizations and additions to work from. We encourage your ideas so we can talk about the possibilities.

    • Customize your pool deck coating or architectural accents.
    • Choose from various options that will enhance and add value to your property.
    • Build out more space for a growing family or luxury feel.


    Our Team is Ready

    Happy to Walk You Through a Project

    Do you have a head full of ideas or a Pinterest board waiting to come to life? We welcome your ideas and invite you to call or connect with us today.



    This image shows a newly resurfaced pool deck.

    Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

    A pool deck renovation project will add tremendous value to your property in multiple ways. First, it will impact the hard financial value of your home. Second, you gain value from the time spent in the space and the memories you’ll make with friends and family. Finally, you gain value in having a long-lasting pool deck that will stand up to the environment and elements that can often make a property sink or swim.

    • Increase the value of your home with a pool deck renovation.
    • Increase the value of the time spent in the space as a family.
    • Benefit from building a better structure that will combat the harsh outdoor elements.


    Pool deck materials have come a long way over the past years. What started as a plain grey pool deck is now customizable in so many ways. From choosing a coating that looks like a high-end luxury finish to adjusting the space to fit your evolving lifestyle and how you intend to use your pool deck in the future. Customizations are often for aesthetics and function, and we can handle both sides of this.

    • Choose from endless decorative possibilities to add value and eye appeal.
    • Renovate the space to fit your evolving style and lifestyle.
    • Help the space function better and turn it into a multi-purpose space.
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    Residential + Multi-Unit + Commercial

    Welcome all

    We have several years in the pool deck renovation industry. We welcome customers in all areas such as residential, multi-unit residential, and commercial options. All of these customers have different needs and priorities in aesthetics, design, and safety. We tackle the priorities that best fit your project and deliver to exceed expectations.

    • Pool deck spaces for residential properties.
    • Renovations for multi-unit residential properties.
    • Custom solutions for commercial properties like hotels and gyms.
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    Our Company

    We are a team of expert installers with years of experience in the pool deck renovation industry. We are a customer-centric model that helps clients maximize their budgets, and achieve their desired aesthetic goals while still functioning well. We are licensed and insured and offer labor warranties on our work.

    • We are a customer-centric business that thrives on details.
    • We are budget-friendly and maximize dollars for clients in small and large projects.
    • We are a licensed and insured company with labor warranties.

    Our Pool Deck Resurfacing Installers

    We hire the best in the industry, so we ensure our clients get the best installers and tradespeople. Our teams prioritize customer service as much as our leadership does, and they welcome input and questions along the way.

    Our teams have either been working years in this industry or have been trained by those who have. They troubleshoot on the spot and handle each project with high-level skill and expertise.

    We invite you to look at our work and testimonials to fully learn about who we are straight from our work and clients.

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    Licensed, Bonded & Insured

    We take the right business steps, so you are confident in hiring us for your projects.

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    5 Star & A+ Ratings

    Check out what others say about our work and people. We go the distance for our clients.

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    Certified Preferred Decking

    We adhere to all the guidelines and directions in this industry, so you get a beautiful and safe pool deck space.

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    Certified Arizona Polymer

    We source the best materials from partnering manufacturers and suppliers.

    Why Choose Rock Star
    Coating Pros?

    Customer Commitment

    We take all of the steps, so our customers understand that their approval is our main priority. We ultimately want you to have a space that you love for years to come, and that looks and functions perfectly.

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